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1. External audit

The opinions issued by the Study in relation to the financial statements examined are based on the application of generally accepted auditing standards, taking into account the accounting principles recommended by national and international professional bodies.
Our work is based on obtaining an in-depth knowledge of the operations and internal controls of the company and the compliance with the policies established by the Management. For this reason our Firm is characterized by presenting to its clients, as a byproduct of the Audit, reports with suggestions for the improvement of internal operational and administrative controls, which effectively contribute to a better development of the company.

2. Internal and Operational Audit

The Internal Audit function consists of a control of controls. With this objective our task tends to:
  • Design and organize the Internal Audit function within companies through the delivery of a turnkey department or the provision of the service in an external form by the Firm.
  • Evaluate or establish appropriate internal control procedures to preserve company assets, ensure information reliability, promote efficiency, and encourage staff adherence to company policies.
  • The final products that the Study delivers are reports to the Management discovering the problems detected in the operations that the company develops, the recommendations to solve them and minimum work programs to be implemented by the client through an internal department or by the Study in External form.

3. Special audits - Due Diligence

The complexity of the current business dynamics together with the accelerated process of globalization makes it indispensable to have a team of experts on mergers and acquisitions.
As a result of this, we have carried out, along with changes in the environment, appraisal and valuation of companies, trademarks and properties, as well as audits aimed at absorption, merger and purchase of companies, review of joint ventures, Performing the analysis of business plans, determining key values or evaluation of investment plans.
Our firm performs in this area all the tasks that contribute to the best action of the company with special emphasis on the aspects related to strategic planning.

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